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Julia Dean

I have been trying to source my own green beans for roasting for some time now, and have finally found a supplier who meets my needs. Stag Roasters are knowledgeable, helpful and really care about what they do. The quality of their coffee compared to everything else I have tried is in a different league.

Emma Crickmay

I came across Stag because I was tired of the same old coffee from high street coffee shops, and resented paying crazy prices for a cup of coffee. This really is the most cost effective way of getting your caffeine fix without paying a lot of money for a decent coffee. When you drink as much as I do, this is definitely the way forward.

Blake Evans

Roasting my own coffee beans was never something I had considered doing, and I always thought you needed fancy equipment and a lot of free time. Stag has dispelled that myth! There is an easy-to-follow guide on their website and since roasting my first batch, I haven’t looked back.

Rebecca Adams

I use Stag to bulk buy coffee for my business, for both staff and client consumption. I was so delighted with the service I received first time that I am now a repeat customer. From ease of subscription, repeat ordering to quality of the coffee, Stag Roasters have it covered. My customers even ask where I get the coffee from, that’s how good it is!