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Coffee Pods vs. the Environment & Price
Coffee grounds vs. Coffee Pods
  • Which tastes better?

    The Jury is out. It is widely recognised that for ease the Coffee pod is quicker, but does that mean they taste better? Why is it then that Coffee shops continue to thrive and do so well?

    Perhaps, it’s because we like the freshly made coffee, the joy of sharing a cup of coffee with a friend or maybe its just because its so easy….

    Well in our humble opinion, ground coffee gives you the just freshly brewed coffee aroma and flavour. Be it in the local coffee shop, restaurant, home or in the office.

    Of course there are variables that effect flavour and taste. The roasting profile, coffee grounds freshness, brew style, global sourcing options, and coffee bean processing options.  Fortunately with Stag Roasters you only ever receive no more than 3 day old roasted beans, freshly ground and of course flavours you are likely to find elsewhere.


    Yet we admit, it all comes down to personal taste, easy and perhaps habits. Either way enjoy you cup!

  • Which is cheaper on price?
    • A Coffee Pod is typically 5g of coffee = 25 – 40p per serving
    • Stag’s ground coffee 5g = 11p per serving
      • Coffee grounds are bio-degradable or have other uses, see our other FAQ’s.
      • No lost time in returning used Coffee Pods
  • Which does not damage our environment?

    Again this is easy, Coffee grounds. They have multiple uses, and are a natural product. See our other FAQ’s on this subject.

  • Processing
    • Coffee tasting or more commonly known as coffee cupping in the industry, is the practice used to taste and score brewed coffee. It involves deeply sniffing the coffee, then slurping the coffee so it spreads over the whole tongue. The coffee tasters shall aim to measure and discern:
      • Aroma
      • Body or mouth feel
      • Acidity
      • Oiliness
      • Sweetness
      • Character of the cup – flavour
      • Aftertaste
    • The SCAA website has a great deal more information on the process and scoring system.
Home Roasting advantages
  • Is cost effective?

    Simply Yes…. 1kg of Green Beans average cost from Stag Roasters is £17.00. Depending on your coffee brew style, and how you use / waste coffee grounds. Any well known high-street brand regular Americano coffee costs a minimum of £2.75 (2 shots of espresso = 14grams (roughly)).

    Theoretically you can serve 71 double shot Americanos at home, for £17.00.

    Equating to £195.25 if bought at a high-street vendor.

    Home Roasting would give you a saving of £178.25.

  • Is it fun and easy?
    • Yes –  by following our helpful guide or an alternative from many reputable sources, you will very quickly enjoy your own freshly roasted coffee beans; whilst enjoying the fresh smell of roasting, the smile on your family faces, and the joy of being able to try / mix as many different green beans as you like.
  • Can we provide a mix of green beans for you?
    • Yes, simply use our Stag Assist page to contact us, and we will happily provide you with a unique mix of coffee beans from our available green beans.
  • How to store green bean at home?
    • We provide your green beans in a sealed packet. Example maybe that the 1/2kg bags could be too large for your standard cupboard. We would therefore recommend vaccum storage of the beans.
  • Shelf life of Green Beans
    • This is highly subjective based on the storage conditions, and yet remember green beans are transported worldwide in a hesian bag. This bag material allows for the beans to natural brief / sweat during the changing climates in its supply chain.
    • We recommend that all green beans are used within 6 months upon receipt. Yet they can be used up to 12 months after purchase. Smell and look of the beans will tell you, and finally the brewed taste. If unsure, throw out and replace.
  • How to store roasted coffee beans at home?
    • Our recommendation is to keep them vacuum sealed. We can provide the perfect solution via Our Merchandise
    • Vacuum sealed beans allows for the freshness to remain and reduces the natural aging of the beans by having a reduced air contaminant around the beans.
    • Other means of storage are available, that’s the fun in experimenting at home.
  • What is the shelf life for roasted coffee beans?
    • Roasted coffee beans are no different to green coffee beans; they are classified as a “food” and therefore should be stored in a manner that allows them to remain fresh and useable. With that in mind, we recommend that all roasted beans are used within 6 months of their roasted date. Yet they can be used up to 12 months after purchase. Smell and look of the beans will tell you, and finally the brewed taste. If unsure, throw out and replace.
  • What is Coffee Chaff?
    • It is the waste product of the coffee bean roasting process. The green coffee beans skin or “hull” comes off during the roasting processes at varied temperatures. Commercial roasting have an extraction process that removes the chaff from the final output, and gives us a bag of cleanly roasted coffee beans.
  • Coffee Chaff uses or disposal?
    • Composting
      • Chaff is extremely light and will float in the air, so its an ideal medium to be used in compositing. Can add in layers or as it comes available. It allows the air to circulate within your composite bin and also keeps the moisture in, so aiding the whole process. Plus its organic, so why not throw it in.
    • Mulching
      • Add a layer of Chaff to your soil surface, and it will conserve your soils moisture. Some say, it even improves the aesthetic appeal.
    • Pet bedding
      • If you keep chickens, mouse or other rodents, the chaff is a great source of bedding for the animals. It will help with moisture absorption, and is light and soft, keeping the animal(s) warm.
    • Tinder
      • Chaff will burn very well, so if you need to use it within a log burner, to help get the fire started, this could be an ideal source.
    • Fire blocks
      • Not something everybody out there will be able to do, but if you have sufficient volumes, you can compress the Chaff by mechanical means and create solid blocks of alternative burning material to wood. They burn great!
Coffee Grind Uses
  • Pest Repellent
    • Sprinkle coffee grinds over your flower beds or around your vegetables and it acts as a natural deterrent to garden pests, like ants, slugs, and snails.
    • Option – mix the coffee grind with orange peal and we have been told that they even deter foxes, cats and other small mammals.
  • Garden Fertiliser
    • Acid loving plants such as roses, azaleas, hydrangeas, rhododendrons, camellias area ideal to act as organic fertiliser. Mix your old grounds with grass clippings, dead brown leaves and spread around the base of your chosen plant. Used coffee grounds add nitrogen and potassium to the soil as well as a boost of magnesium which all plants need to stay healthy. Mixing with grass cutting etc will allow some of the acidity to be neutralised.
  • Compost
    • Coffee grounds are high in nitrogen, so using in the correct volumes will add a natural source of nitrogen and also has a side effect of attracting worms, to help in the breakdown of green matter.
  • Carrots – home grown
    • Before you sow your seeds, mix them with some old dried out coffee grounds. Now plant the grounds with the seeds, and you will notice that the carrots will have a natural injection of fertilizer, making your carrots grow bigger and better. Added advantage is the coffee will act as a deterrent to pests.
Exclusive Coffees
  • Is it worth paying extra for these coffees?
    • Well that would be down to your own personal choice, but in our humble opinion we all need to keep our palate fresh and be tasting new and more exotic / rare bean types to truly understand what we enjoy and suits us. Yet, in the end of the day its still nice to treat ourselves to something a little special from time to time.
  • Why are these Exclusive Coffees more expensive?
    • Due to the nature of this low volume commodity, is it unfortunate but our pricing has to reflect the fact that availability is limited and our supply chain costs are higher. Rest assured we are keeping the costs as low as possible to give our customers these highly sort after coffees at a great price.
  • What is an Exclusive Coffee?
    • These coffees have been chosen as a select limited bean that would either come from a micro-lot supply, or a rare / high value coffee bean.
  • What is Fairtrade?
    • Its globally recognised organisation that has a strong and active presence in the UK. Working to support the sustainability and development of produce farmers all over the world.
    • Produce farmers range from coffee, cocoa, cotton and rice through to bananas, tea and flowers
    • More information can be found at
  • The Fairtrade minimum price system
    • For most Fairtrade goods there is a Fairtrade minimum price which is set to cover the cost of sustainable production for that product in that region. If the market price for that product is higher that the Fairtrade minimum price, then farmers and workers should receive the market price.
  • Fairtrade Mark
    • When you buy products with the FAIRTRADE Mark, you support farmers and workers as they work to improve their lives and their communities.
    • The Mark means that the Fairtrade ingredients in the product have been produced by small-scale farmer organisations or plantations that meet Fairtrade social, economic and environmental standards. The standards include protection of workers’ rights and the environment, payment of the Fairtrade Minimum Price and an additional Fairtrade Premium to invest in business or community projects.
  • What’s our Privacy Policy?
    • Our Privacy Policy is there to protect all our customers, be it a private individual or a business.
    • Our Privacy Policy itemises our position. If you would like to ask a specific question surrounding a statement made within the policy, then please contact us via Stag Assist.
  • What’s our Cookie’s Policy?
    • Our Cookie Policy is there to protect your interests. Sometimes known as the Cookie Law, introduced and adopted by EU members in May 2011.
    • Our Policy advises the user that our website will require the users consent to store or retrieve any information on a computer, smartphone or tablet when accessing our website.
    • Our Cookie Policy itemises our position. If you would like to ask a specific question surrounding a statement made within the policy, then please contact us via Stag Assist.
Gift Voucher
  • How does a Gift Voucher work?
    • Any customer can purchase a gift voucher once logged into their account. They come in three standard bundles. – See our Gift Voucher Bundles
    • The person receiving the gift will simply have to create an account, select the coffee option they would like, go through to billing, and enter the voucher code, where the price of purchase will be deducted equal to that of the voucher face value.
  • What is the valid for term of a purchased Gift Voucher
    • It is valid for 12 months from the date of purchase, per our Terms
  • How to spend a Gift Voucher?
    • Perhaps you want to start off your first Coffee subscription?
    • Maybe its to buy that exclusive Coffee that you always fancied but haven’t got round to treating yourself?
    • Could it be to purchase a range of coffees plus some of our fantastic quality merchandise?
    • All options are open to you!


    • Please note: The vouchers may only be used once. The customer utilising the one off code, must aim to use the full face value of the voucher during the associated purchasing and final checkout process. Once checkout has been completed, the voucher value is set to zero. Any remaining monies are no longer available.
    • The customer must ensure they aim to utilise the whole of the monetary value during the targeted singular transaction.
  • Can Gift Vouchers be used on subscriptions?
    • Yes, up to the face value of the voucher. Direct debit details will be required from the customer to maintain the subscription beyond the face value of the voucher.
    • The Subscription can be cancelled at any time per our Cancellation process.
  • What is a Stag Coffee Subscription?
    • When you select a coffee the customer will be presented with a few options, roast, grind, volume and frequency. The frequency of the order can be a on-off order for those wishing to try a few coffees, or delivered to your door on a agreed subscription basis. The option is yours.  
  • How do I create an account?
    • All users have to create an account, in order to complete an order. To speed up this process we do provide a Social Media login to pass along some of your details and reduce the number of passwords you need to remember. We have enabled Google+,  Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.
  • Am I committed to anything?
    • No – you can cancel your Coffee subscription free of charge at anytime. If a item has already been shipped, then the next and all subsequent deliveries will be modified / cancelled per your direction.
    • Alternatively – create a new Coffee subscription for a new bean type, volume or frequency and keep the pleasure of having Coffee delivered to your door
  • How do I cancel?
    • My Account – presents you with a “Cancellation” option, an automated service that will ask you to confirm that you wish to cancel your complete subscription.
    • Once you have executed your cancellation, we will send you an email to confirm it status and all direct debit details will be cancelled as per your banks cancellation policy.
    • Do you have to cancel your direct debit?
      • No – this is automatic, by you executing the cancellation request proforma, and we will deal with everything our side for you.
    • Problems with modifying or cancelling your orders?
      • Simply contact us via Stag Assist, we are here to help.
Delivery information
  • What are the time periods for delivery?
    • Standard delivery = 2-3 days
    • Next day delivery – sadly this will be at a cost, from our mailing provider
      • We are striving to reduce costs to our account holders, and in the future hope to streamline our delivery service with an effort to reduce next day delivery charges
    • Subscriptions:
      • Weekly – delivered to you 7 days after your last dispatch date.
      • Bi-weekly – delivered to you 14 days after your last dispatch date.
      • Monthly – delivered to you 30 days after your last dispatch date.
      • Custom – strictly for our regular business orders, or high volume customers. Organised on a case-by-case basis.
  • Delivery address can it be different to the billing address?
    • Yes – We are just like Amazon, allowing our customers to select a separate delivery address to billing, so you can opt to send your coffee order to the office, to a friend, loved one or a surprise gift
    • The bill payer / account holder is solely responsible for accurate information being provided and for the products final delivery destination details.
  • Can you modify the delivery address prior to delivery?
    • This becomes a timing issue.
    • One off purchases – then typically no.  Once the order has been received and verified then we dispatch by end of the working day. If you contact us via Stag Assist we maybe able to intervene and modify prior to dispatch, per our Terms.
    • Subscriptions – if the delivery address is modified prior to the next delivery cycle, then yes we will delivery to the new address. It is the account holders responsibility to provide accurate information.
Back-Order Product
  • Back-Order, what does it mean?

    A “Back-Order” identifies the item you are wishing to order as unfortunately out of stock, and we will be working hard to renew our inventory and fore-fill your order as soon as possible.

    You were be alerted prior to placing the item in your cart and again at checkout, that this item will be “Available on Back-Order”. At these points you may elect not to place the order, by removing the item(s) from your cart. 

    Once your order has been placed, we will email you with an estimated delivery date, based on when we expect our stock to become available.  

  • Can I cancel a back-order product?

    Yes. If the Product order was placed as part of a one-off or coffee subscription, we will only be able to cancel any orders that have not yet been processed.

    If a piece of merchandise was placed on back-order and you no long want the item, then no problem we can happy cancel the order.

    If you contact us at Stag Assist, we will work with you to resolve the cancellation request. 

  • Can I return a no longer required product?
    • We are here to help, and we want to make the customer happy. Please contact Stag Assist clearly describing your issue / events and we will review each case to help you the best we can.
  • Product is damaged upon receipt, how can I obtain a replacement?
    • Coffee beans or grounds – If the packaging is damaged upon receipt, please take a photograph immediately, showing how the coffee beans / grounds have been spoilt or lost during transit. Contact us through Stag Assist within 24hrs of receipt, attaching the image and we will look into each case and replace as deemed necessary, per our Terms.
    • Broken / damaged merchandise – If an item is deemed defective, damaged or not per the description per our website, then the customer / account holder may contact us with 24 hrs of receipt to tell us their issue or concern via Stag Assist, and we will endeavor to rectify the situation per case opened per our Terms.
Free Gifts
  • Do you supply Free Gifts?
    • Yes we want to make all our customers happy, so from time to time we will provide customers with free gifts as a thank you for continuing to use our service, or simply for placing your first order. Wait for your surprise gift…. It may be coming sooner than you think.
Stag Roasters Community
  • What is Stag Roasters Community all about?
    • We aim to keep our customers up to date with what’s happening with our coffee supply, adventures and general customer interest. Our social media forums are our main outlet for us to directly interact with our customers and followers.
    • We listen to our customer feedback via social media or direct contact. The more we hear back from you the better!
    • In the future we hope to expand beyond our social media presence, so please watch this space and support us by following our successes and maybe even the odd failure!
Privacy policy
Cookie Policy
Business Invoices Request
  • Do you supply Business Invoices?
    • All business accounts, we will receive a monthly emailed sales invoice to the designated account holder. In the event you do not receive this invoice, please contact us through Stag Assist.
    • Public accounts – If the email confirmation is not sufficient for the account holder, or require a sales invoice for their records, we would be happy to provide upon request. Please contact us for a sale invoice to be generated Stag Assist and we shall provide.