Vale De Sol

Tasting Notes

Orange, chocolate, praline & hazelnut

Roasters Thoughts

A light bodied coffee, perfect for all day, or for someone that doesn’t want that overpowering coffee flavour.


Fazenda Sao Paulo is owned by the Montanaris Family and is located close to the town of Patrocinio in the heart of the Cerrado in Minas Gerais, Brazil. At an altitude of 950 to 1, 100 MASL, the Montanaris have angled their neat ‘hedgerows’ of coffee at 330 degrees from north as they have ascertained that this will provide the trees with the longest hours of sunlight.


Pulped Natural – A process developed in Brazil and originally known as Cereja Descascada or “peeled cherry”. Where the skin of the fruit is removed and the bean is allowed to air dry with the pulp still on surrounding the bean.  The Montanaris Family used what is known as raised African beds to gain an even air drying system.

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